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USBN #149 December 1941 p2

"Conscious of the state of the National Fund. and.realizing the urgency of the task facing its administrators. I have felt the urge to devote the offering of the American believers to the International Fund to the work which is now vitally facing and challenging the friends in the teaching field. Much as I appreciate the spirit prompting you and your fellow members to make this monthly contribution to the Cause at the World Center, I felt that it was my duty to consecrate this offering while the Seven Year Plan is still operating, to that vital aspect of teaching upon which its success must ultimately depend. May the friends in view of the vastness of the field that stretches before them, and the potentialities of their labors within it, and of the glowing promise of future blessings which such a labor must yield, rise to still greater heights of self-sacrifice and evince nobler manifestations of solidarity in the face of the critical situation that so insistently demands their support.,,

(Signed) Shoghi

October 26, 1941, the Guardian to the Treasurer of the National Spiritual Assembly

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