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USBN #150 January 1942 p1-2

"He has recently cabled the National Assembly that he considers it of the utmost importance that the faces of the Temple be completed and placed in position on the main story with as much expedition as possible. This matter has aroused his grave concern, as the Guardian believes that in view of the relation of the U.S.A. to the international situation, the rising costs, labor shortage, etc.. it may be both increasingly difficult and expensive to complete this work with every month that goes by. He, therefore, would urge you to impress on Mr. Earley – who, he realizes is always eager to cooperate in such matters – the necessity of completing whatever ornamentation of the main story remains, during the winter months, so that at the earliest moment next spring, when the weather permits the work at the Temple itself to be resumed, the last faces may be placed in final position.

"Next to this in consideration should be the teaching work. Nothing must be permitted to hamper or slow down this apostolic campaign which the believers have undertaken. It represents the discharge of their moral duty towards their fellow men. that of permitting them. in these cataclysmic times. to hear the Message their Lord has sent to them and the ways He has prescribed for them to solve their problems and heal their ills.

"The Guardian feels confident that the great devotion which so evidently inspires both the body of the believers and their National representatives will carry them on to victory. in spite of the difficulty of achieving it. His prayers and his hopes are with you all the time."

In the Guardian's hand:

"Now that the construction of the steps of the Temple has had to be postponed and in view of the increasing gravity of the international situation, a special and pressing responsibility rests on the National Assembly to insure, with the aid of the contractor and through every other possible means, the completion of the nine faces of the edifice before the end of next spring. During the coming winter months the work at the studio should be (so) conducted that no delay whatever will be incurred when the time for the placing of the remaining faces arrives. During these same months, while the teaching work is being strenuously pursued, the most effective measures for the construction of the steps should be carefully considered, and thus insure the uninterrupted progress of this vital aspect of the Seven Year Plan."

through his secretary to the Chairman of the National Spiritual Assembly on October 26, 1941

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