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USBN #152 April 1942 p2

Regarding the efforts that have been made by Mr. Remey in connection with the Tablet supposed to have been revealed by Baha'u'llah to the Americas: · the Guardian has already written Mr. Remey that no such Tablet was revealed. In the Aqdas, however, Baha'u'llah addresses the rulers and presidents of the American Republics. This has given rise to the misapprehension that He addressed a Tablet to them similar to His Epistles to some of the rulers in Europe.

Concerning the question of refusal by certain believers to accept election to an administrative post: the Guardian strongly feels that criticism, opposition, or confusion do not provide sufficient grounds for either refusal or resignation. Only cases of physical or mental incapacity, which, by their very nature, are extremely rare, constitute valid reasons for such an act. The difficulties and tests involved in the acceptance of administrative posts, far from inducing the believers to dissociate themselves from the work of the Cause, should spur them on to greater exertions and to a more active participation in the privileged task of resolving the problems that confront the Baha'i commUnity. Only in cases where individual believers, without any valid reason, deliberately refuse the repeated exhortations , pleas, and warnings addressed to them by their Assemblies, should action be taken in removing them from the voting list. This is a measure designed to sustain the institutions of the Faith at the present time, and to insure that the abilities and talents of its, as yet, limited number of supporters are properly consecrated to its service. The believers, for the sake of the Cause, now in the period of its infancy, should accept their duties in a spirit of self-sacrifice, and should be animated by the desire to uphold the verdict of the electorate, and to lend their share of assistance, however difficult the circumstances, to the effective administration of the affairs of the Faith.

The same sanction should apply to those who persistently refuse to dissociate themselves from political and ecclesiastical activities. This is a general principle which is being maintained throughout the Baha'i world, and the believers throughout the East are already aware of the absolute necessity of refusing any political or Moslem ecclesiastical office.

The Guardian approves the action taken by your Assembly recognizing villages as civil units suitable for the formation of local Assemblies in States where there are no townships, and the county unit is too large for united action by a Baha'i community.

Regarding the non-appointment of Assembly members to membership on national committees, the Guardian firmly believes that no such principle should be recognized. Those who are best fitted for the specific work assigned to the committees should be elected, irrespective of their membership on either national or local Assemblies. The greater the pressure on those who shoulder both committee and Assembly responsibilities, the greater the reward and the richer the blessings vouchsafed to those who willingly and gratefully sustain this double burden.

In conclusion, the Guardian wishes to re-emphasize the necessity of concentrating during the remaining two years, and in spite of America's entry into the war, all the resources of the Community on the final aspect of the Seven Year Plan, which can alone bring it to a successful consummation. The difficulties that have arisen should stimulate the friends to greater and still more heroic exertions on behalf of a Cause which they have served and are still serving with such exemplary tenacity, fidelity, vigor, courage and devotion.

January 15, 1942.

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