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[Growing Up Baha’i, Diana Rouse Kaufman, pp198]

1942-01-25 to M/M Clarence E Baker, name for baby

Dear Baha’i friends:

The Guardian was very happy to receive your loving letter of Nov. 9th, which just came, and which he has instructed me to answer on his behalf

He is sorry to hear Mr. Baker has not been in good health. He assures you he will pray for you both in the Holy Shrines, that God may strengthen you to go on rendering the Cause such devoted service.

The good news of the many new souls you have been teaching pleased him very much. God has blessed you both with the ability to inspire faith in the hearts of others, a truly great gift.

Regarding your request for a name for the expected baby of Mr. & Mrs. Rouse: the Guardian is very sorry to refuse your request, but from the very beginning he has invariably refused all such requests on the part of the believers, as he felt that this practice of Abdul-Baha’s, of giving believers names, should be kept sacred to His memory, and not be instated by the Guardian. Please explain this to these dear Baha’is, and assure them that the Guardian will pray for their child, that it may become a noble and exemplary believer.

The photographs you enclosed were of interest to the Guardian. His is happy to see that you are able to reach the colored as well as the white, and that you uphold with such devotion the principle of complete lack of prejudice.

For all those whom you mention in your letter; the Guardian will pray; please assure them of this, and he will often remember you both in his loving prayers, that you may render the Cause even greater services.

With Bahai love,

Yours in His service to our beloved Faith,

R. Rabbání

(and in the Guardian s own handwriting)

May the Beloved guide, sustain, & reinforce your splendid & meritorious efforts, & enable you to extend the range of your valued activities, & aid you to reflect, at all times & under all conditions, the spirit that animates His Faith & its institutions.

Your true brother; Shoghi

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