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USBN #153 June 1942 p1-2

It does indeed seem strange that people who have seen literally prophecy after prophecy fulfilled, and all that the Baha'is were led to anticipate, come to pass, still remain veiled from the reality of the Faith and spiritually lethargic. How deeply they will rue their lost opportunity when once their eyes become open!

Shoghi Effendi hopes that the N. S. A. and Teaching Committee are meeting with a wider response to the call for pioneers and teachers . The American believers have carried on with such enthusiasm and devotion, and established such a record, that now all the Baha'is the world over have the impression that they can do almost anything! They must exceed their own past records for speed and accomplishment in order to triumph in the Seven Year Plan.

(From Letter dated February 28, 1942, written through his secretary, to Roy C. Wiihelm)

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