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USBN #154 July 1942 p3

"The Convention response, as well as all the recent news from the U. S. A., have greatly encouraged him. He feels the strong, purposeful determination of the believers as well as of their representatives , to see the Plan through to complete victory. In view of his own burdens and cares, this greatly cheers him.

"He hopes that every available agency of the administration will be used to insure the speedy fulfilment of this year's teaching requirements and that everything will be done to encourage new pioneers to volunteer and go forth while there is yet time. As he already pointed out in his Convention cable, this year is the year. The major part of the work must be gotten under way now, so that before 1944 it will have yielded its fruit; otherwise it will be too late."

Shoghi Effendi , through his secretary, to Roy C. Wilhelm, Treasurer, on May 15, 1942.

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