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USBN #155 August 1942 p1-2

The Guardian has already acknowledged the receipt, by cable, of the 100 photographs of the Temple, some of which were sent him air mail, and he has distributed a considerable number already amongst the believers of the Near East, and he feels sure so impressive a photograph of the exterior ornamentation will greatly stimulate the friends in their various activities in the service of the Cause.

He has been informed by the Bahá’ís in Egypt of the receipt of the sum cabled by your Assembly to them for its Memorial to Mírzá ‘Abu’l-Fadl, and he deeply appreciates your prompt response to his request in this connection. The remains of that illustrious teacher have already been ceremoniously transferred to the new Bahá’í cemetery allocated by the Egyptian government to the Cairo Baha’is. The believers in other centers in Egypt are now negotiating with the authorities concerned for similar cemeteries to be established in their respective localities. The Guardian is sending you under separate cover a photograph of the ceremony in connection with the reinterment of Mírzá ‘Abu’l-Fadl’s remains, for publication in Baha’i News.

Regarding the question of inserting the names of the translators of Bahá’í sacred writings: the Guardian feels there is no objection to this. As to the manner in which the names of the translators should appear in a book such as “Bahá'í Scriptures" he prefers to leave this matter to the discretion of your Assembly.

The Guardian is cabling you today acknowledging the receipt of 96 copies of The Baha’i World to date. He has already started distributing them to eminent sympathizers and friends of the Cause in various countries, who, he feels, cannot but be deeply impressed by the steady expansion of the institutions of the Faith in both the East and the West, as witnessed by this book. For such a publication to be brought out and distributed far and wide in time of war is in itself a remarkable testimony to the irresistible march of the Faith and the vitality of its indomitable spirit. He would suggest that three copies of this valuable biennial be sent to every National Spiritual Assembly. The copies for Persia should be sent through the N.S.A. of ‘Iráq.

Shoghi Effendi has been greatly heartened and cheered by the news of the splendid Convention held this year and its complete consecration to the unfinished tasks of the Seven Year Plan. The character of its sessions, the expansion of its subsidiary activities, the spirit which animated its deliberations and the number of delegates and friends that participated in its proceedings, are a befitting commencement for a year that must witness unprecedented victories in the national and intercontinental teaching fields, as well as the consummation of the thirty year enterprise of the Temple of Bahá’u’lláh.

The newly elected National Assembly must, in the course of this crucial year, keep in the closest possible touch with the two major teaching committees on whom the prosecution of the twin teaching enterprises of the American believers directly devolves. In conjunction with them, the National representatives of the American Bahá’í community must, by every means in their power, insure an unprecedented increase in the number of pioneers and visiting teachers, both at home and in foreign fields, for this constitutes the bedrock on which the structure of these enterprises can alone rise and be firmly established. The Guardian’s contribution of five thousand dollars to finance five pioneers, is designed to provide an incentive to those who are in a position to either provide the material means or to arise themselves in person for the furtherance of pioneer activity in virgin territories.

In large rural areas such as exist in the State of Washington, recognized voting districts may be considered as units for the formation of Spiritual Assemblies. The National Assembly, the Guardian feels, may follow in such cases the election district divisions. The application of this principle he leaves to your Assembly.

Haifa, May 26, 1942

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