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USBN #161 March 1943 p2

“This Cause, although it embraces with equal esteem people of all ages, has a special message and mission for the youth of your generation. It is their charter for their future, their hope, their guarantee of better days to come. Therefore the Guardian is especially happy that the young Baha’is are active in the pioneer work.”

“The formation of your first Spiritual Assembly in Honduras was a source of great joy to him, and he hopes that you will do all in your power to strengthen it and help it to function smoothly. It is the nucleus of all community life, and requires often adjustment and sacrifice from all concerned, until they learn how to function according to the higher laws of Bahá’u’lláh.

“The Guardian found the publicity you had received very sympathetic in tone. If the South Americans have the courtesy, kindness, and warmth expressed in these papers, as well as the deep capacity for faith and steadfastness, so characteristic of the Latins, they should indeed make wonderful Bahá’ís.

“The Guardian would advise you to be very careful about associating with Orientals and preferably avoid them. They are sometimes connected with Covenant-breakers, whether they know it or not, such as one of those whom you mention in your letter, who is the son-in-law of a well- known Covenant-breaker here.”—To John Eichenauer, Jr., June 16, 1942.

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