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USBN #155 August 1942 p2

He was happy to hear that the work on the Temple is going to be carried out without delay, and that at last we are in sight of our goal and have every assurance of its speedy accomplishment.

He feels that all concerned should exert their utmost endeavor to assure that the remaining faces and the circular staircase will be finished this year. This will not only free BaháT funds for the now all- important teaching work, but act as a tremendous advertisement of the Faith and its principles.

No channel should be left unexplored in the endeavor to exploit to the full the teaching and publicity value of our first western House of Worship. It has been so long in the building that the friends themselves are scarcely aware that their hour of triumph is at hand! Both they and the public at large should be stimulated into a fresh realization of what they have achieved. It is the tangible evidence of the power of the American Bahá’í Community, few in numbers, but mighty in the spirit they draw from their Faith.

(The Guardian’s postscript)

Dear and valued co-worker: The completion of the Temple should, and I feel confident will, release tremendous and unprecedented forces of spiritual energy destined to be wholly consecrated to the teaching tasks now confronting the American believers. The concentrated, the sustained, and undivided attention of the individual believers and all Bahá’í agencies, local, regional, as well as national, should be directed to the attainment of this supreme, this shining goal. The increase in the number of pioneers, of every class, race, age and outlook is the vital need of the present hour. May the Beloved bless richly and continually this mighty and glorious endeavor.

(Signed) Shoghi.

Haifa, June 17, 1942. (Addressed to Allen B. McDaniel)

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