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[Growing Up Baha’i, Diana Rouse Kaufman, pp198]

1942-07-08 to Mr. Raymond C. Rouse, pioneering

Haifa, July 8th, 1942

Dear Bahai Brother;

Your letter of May 5th has been received, the two pictures of your little son arrived safely with it. the Guardian has instructed me to answer you on his behalf.

He is pleased to hear that you are serving on the Washington assembly this year; and hopes that you will do all in your power to stimulate the growth of your local community and find new ways and means of teaching the Faith in the Capital.

The greater the love, harmony, and spirit of complete and selfless dedication which animates the members of a spiritual assembly, the greater will be the degree of Divine inspiration and assistance vouchsafed to them. Pioneer service in these epoch-making days need not be confined to going out in foreign fields. The friends can pioneer on their assemblies in helping to bring about a keener vision of what their duties are; they can pioneer in developing new local teaching methods, new contacts with new classes of people; indeed they can even be said to pioneer inwardly in finding new depths in their own souls and new ways in which their own God-given capacities can be put to use in serving the Faith.

The Guardian was very pleased to hear of your teaching activities with Mrs. Baker; and hopes they will meet with ever-increasing success. To teach at present is the paramount duty and privilege of every Bahai, who knows full well that the solution to the terrible problems facing the world today lies in Baha’ulláh's teachings.

The Guardian will pray for you and your wife, that you may render the Cause ever greater services. He will also pray for your son Raymond, that God may richly endow him and he may grow up a wonderful Baha’i.

With Baha’i greetings,

Yours in His service,

R. Rabbani

(and in the Guardians own handwriting)

May the Beloved, whose Cause you are teaching with assiduity & devotion, bless continually your activities, & aid you to extend their range & widen the sphere of their influence. Your true brother; Shoghi

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