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Divine Springtime - Louise Coswell Recalls , p59-61

The progress which the Bahà'is of Costa Rica have made during the past year is little short of astounding, and shows the deep receptivity the people of that country have to the New Message of God which Bahà’u’llàh has proclaimed to the world. You must all indeed be both proud and grateful that you live in a land so tolerant of progress and which enables you to establish the blessed institutions ordained by our Faith.

The establishment of the new Spiritual Assembly of Puntarenas is a great step forward, and the legal registration of the Cause and approval of the government marks a milestone in the progress of the Cause not only in Costa Rica, but in Latin America.

The more the Guardian receives news from the Central and South American Republics, the more firmly he becomes convinced of the great capacity possessed by the peoples of Latin America. They are proving themselves to be both deeply spiritual and intellectual, and he cherishes great hopes for their future development and their contributions to this glorious Faith of ours.

How wonderful that in less than a hundred years the message that originated in the heart of Persia should have spread to the heart of Central America, and kindled such love and devotion and hope as now burns in the he arts of new believers in that distant continent!

The Guardian hopes that you will not only succeed in establishing further centers in your own native land, but that the activities of the Costa Rican Bahá’ís will spread to neighboring countries and aid in the establishment of the Faith there.

1942-07-26 to San Jose Costa Rica LSA re progress made

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