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USBN #156 October 1942 pp2

He considers that at present pioneer activity is of the utmost importance and that the NSA should do everything in their power to insure that those who have gone to Central and South America, as well as those who are going there, remain there and consolidate their work—otherwise all the efforts and all the money, sacrificed by the believers for this effort, will have been spent practically in vain. The same applies to a lesser degree to the work in the United States and Canada. Whereas in these parts the difficulties of pioneer settlement for the purpose of teaching the Faith are not so great, the work still remaining to be done is tremendous. The Guardian feels that the paramount need is to get the people to settle in these virgin territories as quickly as possible, and that if too much emphasis is laid on the highest possible requirements for pioneers, the work may risk remaining unaccomplished. The believers have future years in which to improve on the groundwork done at present, but they only have about two years left to do this all-important groundwork in. Speed should be your motto.—

Excerpt from letter written by Shoghi Effendi, through his secretary, August 15, 1942, to the National Spiritual Assembly through the Treasurer.

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