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USBN #156 October 1942 pp1-2

He is fervently praying that the new pioneers, who have volunteered to teach in Colombia, Venezuela, Chile and Nicaragua, will be able to complete the necessary arrangements for their voyage to South America, and will be enabled, without interruption or delay, to consolidate and extend the range of the activities inaugurated in those countries. Every effort should be made to increase the number of such pioneers, to facilitate their departure, to insure their settlement in virgin territories, to keep in close and constant touch with them, and to reinforce their activities through visiting teachers, adequate financial assistance, and constant moral encouragement. The Guardian wishes to urge them, and those who have preceded them, to retain their posts at all costs, to face the obstacles in their path with courage, faith and confidence in the future outcome of their work. The National Assembly, on the other hand, must do everything in their power to enable these self-sacrificing workers to continue their pioneer services, and to discourage their return until the results of their labors are so substantial as to insure the continuity of the Bahá'í Community after their departure. This is their greatest responsibility, their immediate task, and the most meritorious service they can render the Cause, at this juncture, in the American Continent.

Shoghi Effendi, through his secretary, August 15, 1942, to the National Spiritual Assembly

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