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USBN #153 June 1942 p1-2

He also hopes that the National Assembly, aided by the Teaching and Inter-America Committees, will

and exert their utmost endeavor that they not only rem a in at their posts, but that new ones go out to strengthen and reinforce the work.

It is hard to conceive of a time which will demand greater dedication and sacrifice, endurance and courage, than the period at present ahead of the American Baha'is . All those noble traits of dedication and eagerness to devote all their energy to promoting the Cause of Baha'u'llah, which they have increasingly demonstrated these past years, must now rise to meet the challenge of the ordeal which they now, in common with the vast majority of their fellowmen, must support and pass through.

(From Letter dated December 21, 1941, written through his secretary, to Allen B . McDaniel)

(The Guardian's postscript to the above Letter)

The prosecution and completion of the task to which the American believers have pledged themselves must be insured, despite and in the very midst of the ordeal which they are now facing. The greater the anguish which this ordeal must entail, the more formidable the obstacles it will raise, the more meritorious their achievement, and the greater the spiritual power which their enterprises must and will exert in the future. I will pray that their efforts will be crowned with success that will cause the whole Baha'i world to marvel.

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