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USBN #161 March 1943 p1

The Guardian approves the using of the words of the Baha’i marriage service by the believers in communities which have not acquired legal capacity to conduct a marriage ceremony, provided it does not become an established rule, to be rigidly carried out by the Baha’is.

At the present time, when he is weighed down with his own cares and problems, the determination and devotion, loyalty and enthusiasm manifested by the American believers greatly helps and sustains him. He is praying for unprecedented victories to crown their labors, and he feels certain that, in these remaining months, before the Century draws to a close, your Assembly, as well as the believers, will rise to such heights of service as shall befitting- ly crown their past labors and bring the century to a successful consummation.

[To USNSA 8 Jan 43]

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