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The Principle Of An International Auxiliary Language

Compiled by the Research Dept at the direction of the House of Justice, 1 Nov 79(?)

We have no authentic record of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s in which He states that Esperanto will be the universal language of the future. It may be Esperanto, it may be some other language, we do not know; but as we believe so firmly in the necessity of an international language, we are always eager to co-operate with the Esperantists.

The thing of primary importance at present, especially in America, is the teaching of the Cause. With good will and determination an auxiliary language—especially one of the nature of Esperanto—can easily, and relatively quickly, be learned; whereas the Cause requires that people change not only certain ideas but their very characters and habits, and this is much harder to do and often takes a long time!

(25 January 1943 to an individual believer)

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