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Eve Nicklin: She of the Brave Heart, Boris Handal, p64-5

Dear Bahà'i Sister,

Your letter of Oct. 24th has just been received; together with that of Philip, and the Guardian has instructed me to answer you on his behalf.

He was very happy to hear that you are now well established in Peru, and he hopes that ere long you will be able to confirm some of the Peruvians in the Faith, and thus start an active and devout nucleus of the Cause of God there.

You may be sure the Guardian will offer his ardent and loving prayers on your behalf in the Holy Shrines, that sincere and devout souls may be led to you and to accept the Divine Message.

He will be pleased to hear from you and of your work there and those whom you contact.

With Bahà'i love

R. Rabbani

Dear and valued co-worker

I deeply appreciate your high endeavours and the spirit that so admirably animates you in the service of our beloved Faith. You are often in my thoughts and prayers as you labour in that far-off land. Persevere in your glorious task, and rest assured that the Beloved will abundantly reward you for your meritorious services.

Your true and grateful brother,


1943-02-22 to Eve Nicklin re getting established in Peru


Philip is travel teacher Philip Sprague, who arrived in Lima, Peru in late October 1942 and held informal meetings over several months that involved several 100 people total.

In 1940, he had had dinner with May Maxwell the night before she left for Buenos Aires and then took her to the ship. On her death a few months later, he asked the Guardian to take her place. He subsequently made numerous travel teaching trips to South America as a member of the U. S. Assembly Development Committee.

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