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USBN #163 June 1943 p2

Concerning the teaching work in North, Central and South America, the Guardian has already advised your Assembly that the reconstitution of the disbanded Assemblies in the States and Provinces where a Spiritual Assembly already exists does not form an objective of the Seven Year Plan. The friends should concentrate on their goal which is to have at least one Assembly in every State and Province before May of 1944, and at least one permanent resident believer in every Republic in Central and South America. In view of this, special attention should be paid to those Latin Republics where the situation, from the Baha'i viewpoint of establishing the Faith, is precarious. Every encouragement should be given to those volunteers who express a wish to settle in virgin areas. Nor should there be any delay in arranging for their settlement - whatever their qualifications they should, during these crucial remaining months of the first Baha'i century, be sent out to the places most urgently requiring attention. Through further urgent appeals for pioneers, through a series of area conferences, through special teaching circuits for the key cities; through constant reminders that the time is getting short; that all volunteers will be acceptable, and will be speedily dispatched to the centers in most need, the success of the Seven Year Plan must be assured and the magnificent undertaking launched by the American Baha'is carried to a glorious consummation.

(From the Guardian,through his secretary, March 28, 1943).

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