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USBN #166 November 1943 p1

"Regarding the status of believers resident in British territories of the West Indies: the Guardian feels that in view of their proximity to the U.S. A. they should be regarded as centers under the supervision of the American Baha'i National Assembly. They are not included as objectives of the Seven Year Plan which comprises only the sovereign republics of Central and South America."

"The Guardian has recently, in a detailed cable, urged that special attention be directed, during these remaining months of the first Baha'i Century, to the strengthening of the centers requiring assistance in the Latin Republics as well as in the virgin areas of the North American continent, in order to assure the establishment of a permanent center in each of these Republics and the formation of a Spiritual Assembly in each remaining virgin area. Through further appeals for more pioneers at this eleventh hour; through further self-sacrifice aiming at the provision of ampler funds for the dispatch of these pioneers and other teaching purposes, the few unfinished tasks of the Plan must be speedily accomplished in order to insure the total success of the for thc coming Centenary Celebrations. During these remaining months the Guardian will, as he has already assured you in that cable, pray with redoubled fervor for the complete success of this vast undertaking, this organized crusade, the like of which bas never been launched during the entire course of one hundred years of Baha'i History."

– August 8, 1943

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