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USBN #168 March 1944 p1-2

"Regarding the seven points submitted to the Guardian in connection with the new basis of the election of Convention delegates. He approves the action taken by your Assembly but wishes to stress the importance of reminding the believers that they should make every possible effort to attend the meeting for the election of the State or Province delegates, in order to stimulate a larger group consciousness which will greatly facilitate the process of the believers becoming acquainted with each other, and provide an intermediary stage-which will become increasingly valuable and necessary between the local organization, represented by the group or Assembly, and national collective action, represented by the activities of the Convention and the institution of the National Assembly.

"Regarding the District of Columbia: the Guardian feels it should be accorded its independent status of a State and should be treated on a footing of absolute equality with the other States and Provinces. Believers residing in that district should be accorded the same rights, in all matters of election and otherwise, as those who reside in the Stales and Provinces of North America.

"The Guardian's directions regarding the formation of local Assemblies before April 21 applies to Central and South America as well as to the North American communities.

"Regarding the election of the local Assembly on April 21: He feels that it should not take place after sunset on that day, for otherwise it would bet according to the Baha'i Calendar, falling on April 22; if any changes should be made in the ByLaws, uniform action should be enforced by your Assembly. "

November 16, 1943

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