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USBN 171 November 1944 p3

In connection with your Assembly's two actions regarding the formation and dissolution of Spiritual Assemblies: The Guardian approves of your first action, which he understands is only for this last year of the first Baha'i Century, as, of course, in the future Assemblies will be formed only during the month of April. As to the second action, however, any Assembly which is dissolved must immediately report to the national secretary, who must always keep an up to date list of Assemblies. Any dissolved Assembly cannot be reconstituted until the time of election in April. This is the general principle which must be followed in the future. In this last year of the Century, however, naturally any Assembly that is dissolved may be reconstituted as soon as the number of believers reverts to nine again.

Regarding your question as to the changing of pronouns in Baha'i prayers: The Guardian does not approve of such changes, either in the specific prayers or in any others. They should be read as printed without changing a single word.

— Shoghi Effendi, through his Secretary, to the National Spiritual Assembly April 13, 1944.

(Written in reply to question of procedure raised by the NSA in connection with the special condition existing prior to the Centenary date due to the Guardian's temporary waiving of the regulation that Assemblies can only be elected or constituted on April 21.)

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