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USBN #174 April-May 1945 p3

The world that lies ahead of us after this war is going to be in a terrible condition, and if the believers are going to accomplish their duty and present the Divine Solution to mankind, they must prepare themselves for the great tasks that lie ahead. This particularly applies to Baha'i youth. Young men and womer in the Faith must be deep and thoughtful scholars of its teachings, so that they can teach in a way that will convince people that all the problems facing them have a remedy. 'They must grasp the Administration. so that they can wisely and efficiently administer the ever-growing affairs of the Cause: and they must exemplify the Baha'i way of living. All this is not easy-but the Guardian is always greatly encouraged to see the spirit animating such young believers as yourself. He has high hopes of what your generation \vill accomplish.

(From letter written to Seymour Weinberg, May 12, 1944).

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