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USBN #173 February 1945 p3

"Regarding your questions concerning the advisability of changing the basis of the National Assembly's election and confining it to the body of delegates or of limiting the term of office: He feels that as any such changes are of a radical nature and should therefore apply to the N. S. A.'s of other countries, they are inadvisable and premature, both for this reason and because of their very nature.

"What is needed is to get the administration in its present form to run more efficiently and at the same time to build up a higher sense of responsibility among the body of the believers. They should be encouraged to think more, not only about the qualifications of their elected bodies, but also about such things as you mention, the law of averages, the age and indisposition of some of the members, etc.

"When we look back and see what the Administration has accomplished in twenty odd years, indeed what it has done in the last seven years, we see what strides forward have been made. Far greater tasks lie ahead, but the Guardian does not feel that the way to meet them is to change the present system but rather to perfect it by educating the believers and training them, holding more conferences, publishing more news for Baha'is, getting more people active."

(From letter to Emeric Sala, July 6, 1944)

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