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USBN #177 November 1945 p2

The infallibility of the Guardian is confined to matters which are related strictly to the Cause and interpretation of the teachings: he is not an infallible authority on other subjects, such as economics, science, etc. When he feels that a certain thing is essential for the protection of the Cause. even if it is something that affects a person personally, he must be obeyed, but when he gives advice, such as that he gave you in a previous letter about your future, it is not binding: you are free to follow it or not as you please. •

The question of guidance is a very subtle one. We cannot be positive that an impulse or a dream is guidance. We can seek, through earnest prayer and longing. sincerely to do God's Will, His guidance. We can try. as you say, to emulate the Master and at all times live up to tho teachings, but we cannot be sure that doing these things we are still making no mistakes and are perfectly guided. These things help us not to make so many mistakes and to receive more directly the guidance God seeks to give us.

Regarding consultation: Any person can refer a matter to the Assembly for consultation whether the other person wishes to or not. In matters which affect the Cause the Assembly should, if it deems it necessary, intervene even if both sides don't want it to. because the whole purpose of the Assemblies is to protect the Faith, the Communities and the individual Baha'is as well.

To John Ashton, October 17, 1944

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