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USBN 171 November 1944 p1-2

As you know, from his various cabled messages, he has been greatly rejoiced over the complete triumph of the arduous Seven Year Plan undertaken by the American believers during a difficult period in world events and carried forward to a glorious conclusion in the very teeth of the tempest of war which has been raging for almost five of the seven years of their heroic endeavor. To complete such a Plan during times of peace and security would in itself have been a great achievement; but to have succeeded during the darkest days of humanity's abasement and trial, is truly little short of miraculous and nfust forever attest the calibre of the faith and loyalty which fills the hearts of the members of the blessed American Baha'i community.

His hope and belief is that they will not rest on their oars, but will, their appetites whetted by their successes, carry on their great and noble tasks allotted to them by the Center of the Covenant Himself.

The work that lies ahead of them in the immediate future is clearly defined: The great advantages won for the Faith in the eyes of the public by the remarkable success of the Centenary in Wilmette; the large attendance of believers, the presence of gifted and devoted Central and South American representatives of newly established outposts of the Faith, should be followed up by teaching campaigns, wide publicity and as many radio broadcasts as can be secured. A contact with the masses has, for the first time, to all intents and purposes, since 'Abdu’l-Baha's visit, been made, and should be vigorously maintained. Inside the Baha'i Fold every effort must be exerted to safeguard the newly established Assemblies and prevent them from falling back into group status again. In Latin America the Assemblies must not only be maintained but new ones established in the Republics which have not yet a Baha'i administrative nucleus. Literature in Spanish and Portuguese should be made available as speedily as possible and disseminated far and wide. Latin American and native Baha'is should, whenever qualified, be urged and assisted to pioneer, to travel and to teach in Central and South America, thereby encouraging them to gradually shoulder their own responsibilities.

With such a triumph behind you the Guardian feels confident you will face these many tasks that lie ahead with joy and his prayers will constantly be offered on your behalf and for your inspiration and guidance.

August 18, 1944

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