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USBN #173 February 1945 p2

In your letter of Sept. 20th you enclosed a copy of your amendments of the By-Laws of the N.S.A.: he fully approved of these changes rendered necessary by the States and Provinces themselves now being regarded as electoral units in the ·election of delegates to the annual Convention.

In that same letter you ask for his suggestions concerning possible plans for teaching in Europe, or helping the Baha'is there with literature, etc. Obviously, there will be a tremendous need for Baha'i literature in these war-torn countries and for spiritual enlightenment and help. But as the whole situation is still in the throes of violent changes, and we cannot as yet foresee how soon or where assistance may be given, he feels that there should at present be no diversion into new channels of the energies of the American believers now concentrated on the tasks they already have in hand. Literature in German, French, and any other European languages that can be conveniently undertaken, should be translated and held in readiness for use whenever the time for action comes.

He has been very sorry to notice in various reports received from you that some of the new Assemblies, established at such cost of sacrifice on the part of those who arose as pioneers and overcame every obstacle in their path and those who generously contributed of their means to insure a supply of funds for this purpose, are falling below Assembly status. He realizes that your body and the National Teaching Committee and Regional Teaching Committees are well aware of this situation. But he wishes to personally add a word of appeal to the friends not to permit their hard-won prizes to now slip from their grasp through any relaxation of their vigilance and efforts. The believers, no,w more sure of their own powers and of the Divine help that has so unfailingly :reached them than at any previous period in their fifty-year history, must continue to put forth a mature, dedicated and sustained effort so that these new Assemblies whether in North or South America may be preserved and reinforced and, where necessary, re-instated . Groups, though of secondary importance, should likewise be enlarged and built up to Assembly status so that the truly remarkable victory achieved by the American and Canadian Baha'is may not shrink in dimension as the months go by, but rather flower into still greater victories in the days to come.

He also wishes to call your Assembly's attention to the great importance of Magallanes as a center, and of the necessity of extending it every assistance, so that this Baha'i year an Assembly may be firmly established there. It, together with that of Alaska, may be likened to the extremity of the Baha'i arms stretched out and waiting to embrace the whole world in the order of peace and love which Baha'u'llah has established for the children of men in this day.

In closing the beloved Guardian wishes me to assure you and your fellow-members of his most loving prayers on your behalf and for the success of the many tasks of importance which you are, in collaboration with the mass of the believers, seeking to carry to a successful conclusion.

With warm Baha'i greetings,


Haifa, December 24, 1944

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