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USBN #173 February 1945 p2

Shoghi Effendi very much appreciates the desire of the American believers to participate in the erection of the completed shrine of the Bab. The preliminary plans are now being made, and he leaves it to the friends to contribute towards this sacred enterprise in whatever manner and to whatever degree they wish to.

Also, regarding your letter of Aug. 7th: you ask his advice concerning a school session at Englewood, N.J. He feels that the four Baha'i schools at present in existence, namely Louhelen, Green Acre, Geyserville School and Temerity Ranch, are sufficient for the time being. There is , naturally, no objection to holding meetings and conferences in Englewood.

With loving greetings and the ardent hope that this new year will bring the believers over there many new victories,

Yours ever,


Haifa , January 1, 1945

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