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Quoted in Never be Afraid to Dare, Jasion, p222

Your most welcome letter of December 18th brought great joy to the Guardian’s heart, and he has instructed me to answer it on his behalf.

You have very, very often been in his thoughts during the many dangerous months and years Bulgaria has passed through, and it was a true happiness for him to see your letter ...

How can you feel your offerings are little! You have remained in the country of your adoption even in spite of his own urging that you consider your own welfare, and have demonstrated the quality of your steadfastness and devotion in a way that will never be forgotten, or effaced from the history of our beloved Faith.

The degree of your devotion and sacrifice cannot but bear fruit, and the mere act of your remaining there all these years has laid an irremovable foundation for the spiritual work there.

[on behalf of Shoghi Effendi]

Dear and prized co-worker:

I am overjoyed to learn of your safety, your constancy, your magnificent spirit of devotion, and your exemplary conduct in the service of our beloved Faith under such hard and trying circumstances. Future generations not only in Bulgaria, but in Europe and Canada will recall your noble stewardship, will extol your superb spirit, will strive to follow in your footsteps, and will derive inspiration from the record of your services. I feel so proud of you, so close to you, so grateful for all that you have done and demonstrated. Be happy and grateful to God for so high a privilege, so great a bounty, so exalted a station in the ranks of the followers of His glorious Faith.

[To Marion Jack 23 Jan 1945]

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