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USBN #174 April-May 1945 p2

If it seemed to the believers that their pioneer activities were of vital importance during the closing decade of our first Baha'i Century and in the midst of a most tragic world war, they must now grasp the fact that the maintenance of the goals they have won and the winning of new ones is of even more crucial importance as the war draws towards an end and the people turn their bewildered minds to thoughts of peace. We face a most challenging period iq the days to come, and the friends must gird themselves for action with a calm faith. a united and self-sacrificing devotion to their tasks, and a consciousness that if they struggle hard to accomplish them they will witness even greater triumphs than those of the last seven or eight years which so gloriously rewarded their untiring labors.

-SHOGHI EFFENDI, through his secretary, March 29, 1945

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