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USBN #174 April-May 1945 p2

He fully approves of the concept of uniting the believers' labors through focussing them on nation-wide teaching campaigns and so on. But he feels that the friends should constantly be encouraged to bear in mind certain salient facts: Baha'u'llah has brought a new system and new laws and standards of personal as well as racial conduct into the world. Although outside agencies have been to a certain extent illumined by the radiance of His Message and doctrines, and are exerting efforts to bring the world into that orbit of universal peace and harmony He has set for it, these outside forces cannot achieve what only the followers of His Faith can. The believers must not take their eyes off their own immediate tasks of patiently consolidating their administrative institutions, building up new Assemblies in North, Central and South America, and laboring to perfect the Baha'i pattern of life. for these are things that no other group of people in the world can do or will do. and they alone are able to provide the spiritual foundation and example on which the larger world schemes must ultimately rest. At the same time every effort should be made to broadcast the Teachings at this time, and correlate them to the plight of humanity and the plans for its future. Both tasks should go forward simultaneously- internal consolidation and expansion. and a wider contact with the masses, maintained through public meetings, radio, publicity, etc.

The Guardian has already laid down the principle that any one claiming to be a Baha'i from Persia must have his properly issued credentials from the N. S. A. of Persia before he can be accepted by any other Baha'i community . . . . Now that the doors are opening increasingly for students and travelers to go to America, the National Assembly can not be too careful and vigilant in this matter. The Master, as you know, was very strict, and the Guardian feels it his duty at this time to be equally strict and observant of the measures introduced by 'Abdu'l-Baha Himself.

March 29. 1945

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