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USBN #177 November 1945 p2

Regarding the matter of :Mme. Orlova: as it is now clear that she is openly associating with the New History group. the friends should ignore her and have nothing more to do with her.

The reports which have reached him about the teaching and publicity during the San Francisco conference were very satisfactory. He feels the American believers are maturing and gaining in experience in presenting the Faith not only to the public at large but also to leaders of importance, and they are doing it in a sober and dignified way. A glance at the pressing problems facing the world is enough to convince any Baha'i that there is no ultimate solution for its ills except that provided by Baha'u'llah. It is therefore of the greatest conceivable importance the manner in which the teachings are presented to a nation with such a leading role in international affairs at the present time as that of the United States. He urges you, in this connection, to seek out and exploit to the full the talents and abilities latent within your community for, whatever the American believers have accomplished heretofore. it is a mere prelude to what they can and must do in the field of Baha'i service in the future.

August 10. 1945.

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