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Eve Nicklin: She of the Brave Heart, Boris Handal, p86-7

Dear Bahà'i Sister:

Your letter of Nov. 9th, 1944, reached Haifa some time ago, but due to pressure of work the Guardian has not been able this winter and spring to attend to his mail promptly, otherwise he would have written you before. He feels sure you will understand the delay was not caused by any other reason!

He was very sorry to hear of the death of John Stearns; he was a fine believer, and it is a pity he should have passed away so young — but his reward is assured and his name will be forever preserved in the roll call of the early Bahà'i pioneers to South America.

The news of the progress of the Cause in Peru greatly pleased him, and he hopes that on the modest but sound foundation that has been laid there a flourishing and exemplary community will arise and reward you and the other dear friends for your devoted and unsparing labours.

You may be sure he will certainly pray for you and for the success of the fine work you are doing there.

Please convey his loving greetings to all the dear Bahà'is there.

With warm Bahà'i love,

R. Rabbani

May the Beloved bless your efforts in the service of our beloved Faith, and enable you to promote at all times the vital interest of its institutions.

Your true brother,


1945-08-14 to Eve Nicklin re report on John Stearns and his activities

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