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USBN #210 August 1948 p3

1. & 2, The supreme Tribunal is an aspect of a world Superstate; the exact nature of its relationship to that state we cannot at present fore-see.

3. Supreme Tribunal is the correct translation; it will be a contributing factor in establishing, the Lesser peace.

4. There is no statement in the teachings indicating that the Lesser Peace will definitely be established by 1957 or 1963.

5. The Most Great Covenant is different from the Everlasting Covenant.

6 . No, Bahá'u'lláh did not bring a complete system of economics to the world.

7. Profit~sharing is recommended as a solution to one form of economic problems.

8. There is nothing in the teachings against some kind of capitalism; its present form, though, would require adjustments to be made .

9. Islam attained a very high spiritual state, but western scholars are prone to judging it by Christian standards One cannot call one world Faith superior to another, as they all come from God; they are progressive, each suited to certain needs of the times.

10. Of course, Man divides; only the Power which comes from God can unite.

11 & 12. The Seven Lights of Unity will not necessarily come in the 3 order given. A product of the second may well be universal culture.

l3_ "Insaf" should be thought of as fairness.

14. Through meditation doors of deeper knowledge and inspiration may be opened_ Naturally, if one meditates as a Baha'i he is connected with the Source; if a man believing in God meditates he is tuning in to the power and mercy of God; but we cannot say that any inspiration which a person not knowing Baha'u'llah, or not believing in God, receives is merely from his own ego. Meditation is very important, and the Guardian sees no reason why the friends should not be taught to meditate, but they should guard against superstitions or foolish ideas creeping into it.

15. In quoting prayers any part may be used, but should be quoted as it is, however short_

16. The Manifestations no doubt had some consciousness of Their station, but what the nature of that consciousness was we do not know_

17. Those who have never had any opportunity of hearing of the Faith but who lived good lives will no doubt be treated with the greatest love and mercy in the next world, and reap their full reward.

18. There is no objection. to using Ruhi's book on mysticism.

19. We believe that Christ only was conceived immaculately. His brothers and sisters would have been born in the natural way and conceived naturally.

20. Both Caliphate and Imamate mean successorship. Either term could be used,

21. Shoghi Effendi has always made it quite clear that, in the future, the teachings may be retranslated, if the need arises.

22. There is nothing in the teachings against swimming and dancing; mankind will become nobler, this we know; if that will include or eliminate such pastimes we do not know at present.

to Dr_Glenn L_ Shook in a letter dated November 19, 1945.

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