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USBN #174 April-May 1945 p2

Regarding your suggestion to the N.S.A. about a People’s Peace Conference. The idea and the aims are excellent, but the Guardian does not feel that the believers are as yet in a position to undertake such a major step; if the friends seek to carry out a thing of such importance and find that they cannot—through lack of members, prestige, funds, or any other reason,—see the thing through to a successful conclusion, they will have done the Cause a serious injury by making it seem just one more ripple on the surface of a disturbed and turbulent society. They must first build the fabric of their community life so solidly that it can bear the strain which such an undertaking would place upon it, and which, by its very nature, would focus the eyes of the press upon the Bahá’ís everywhere in the world.

to Miss Hannah Lohse on December 19. 1945

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