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USBN #180 February 1946

In view of all the German and Austrian Bahá’ís have passed through, and the naturally disorganized state of their affairs, after so long a period of supression and suffering, he feels that your Assembly should by all means do all in its power to help them and protect them. If you feel that the suggestion of Mr. Eichanauer is feasible, he advises you to carry it out. Although he has stated that the Baha’i mission in Central and South America must be completed before the American believers can start teaching campaigns in other countries, this does not mean that those friends whom duty or business takes abroad are not to serve the Cause all they possibly can. Likewise it does not mean that help should not be given to Bahá’í brothers and sisters in desperate need—such as is the case at present in Burma, the Philippines. Austria and Germany.

In view of the terrible conditions prevailing in Europe today, and the tremendous suffering which the German and Austrian Bahá’ís have passed through, both spiritually and physically, the Guardian wishes you to please make every effort to send, during the rest of this Bahá’í year and the coming one. the contribution of the American and Canadian Baha’is to the International Fund, to these believers, for their relief and succor. He urges your Assembly to also make every effort to supply them with Bahá’í books in German, either published in the United States or Switzerland—whichever is most speedy, economical and practical.

"He was very pleased to see the excellent publicity the Cause received in The Chicago Sunday Tribune, and hopes that more will be forthcoming, of a similar nature, all over the country. In this connection. he sees no objection to using the advice and services of non-Baha'i experts, or agencies, as long as the purity of the Teachings and the dignity of the Faith are maintained

"The writings of Hussein should be considered in the same category as those of Rubi; the friends are not forbidden to read them."

(This refers to the articles and pamphlets approved by the Reviewing Committee for the World Order Magazine Editorial Committee and published some years ago).

Haifa, Palestine. December 21, 1945

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