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White and Negro Alike (Kindle edition), Audrey Mike

March 18, 1946 to Ellsworth Blackwell re guidelines about meetings at the Temple.

“…..As to your question about teaching, the Guardian has told the friends to use all sorts of mediums in their efforts to reach the masses, radio, publicity, public meetings, banquets, summer schools, conferences, etc, etc. the details of these things he cannot possibly take the time to work out, nor should he, for this is the very reason assemblies exist – to administer the affairs of the Cause. If the meetings in the Temple seem to you and the other friends to lack certain elements, you should make suggestions to the Comm. and the NSA, and through a delegate, even call the attention of the convention to the subject.


You may be sure he will pray for the success of your tireless and devoted Bahá’í activities, which he deeply appreciates.

With Bahá’í love, R/ Rabbani”

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