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Tending the Garden: A Biography of Emeric and Rosemry Sala, p100-1

March 24,1946

Dear Bahá’i Brother:

Your most welcome letter of March 5th was received by our beloved Guardian, and he has instructed me to answer it on his behalf.

The graphic and to-the-point description you have given him of the conditions you found in Latin American Bahá’i Centers helped him very much to see the picture of the work there as a whole, and he feels your recommendations to the Inter-America Com. are excellent.

He has felt from the very beginning that these gifted, sensitive Latins, who are capable of being both spiritual and intellectual, have a great contribution to make to the future progress of the Cause everywhere, and he is very anxious that they should become strong enough to manage their own affairs.

He will pray that your labours for the Faith may be ever-increasingly blessed and fruitful.

With Bahà’i love,

R. Rabbani

Dear & valued co-worker:

The services which you & your dear wife have rendered in Latin America are highly meritorious, & evoke my heartfelt admiration. I pray you may have similar opportunities in the near future, and that the Beloved may, wherever you labour, bless abundantly your notable activities and accomplishments. Persevere in your work, rest assured & be happy.

Your true & grateful brother,


1946-03-24 to Emeric Sala re teaching in Latin America

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