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USBN #184 June 1946 p2

He wants the American friends to help their destitute brothers and sisters in Europe and Asia all they can. This includes sending food and clothing when feasible.

The chart you sent him on the cycle of man should not be officially accepted and circulated among the believers. as we now have no way 0f knowing. for sure. if it really embodies what the Master meant.

He was sorry to learn through your cable that the project for a Baha'i Radio Station can not be carried out at present: he considers that such a station would be a very great asset to the Cause, not only as a teaching medium and a wonderful form of publicity. but also as an enhancement of its prestige. He feels your Assembly should not drop the matter but go on investigating ways to make such a project materialize as soon as possible.

Reaching the.masses with the message at this time is of the greatest importance. More initiative should be shown by all the Baha'is. and encouraged by the NSA and local Spiritual Assemblies.

March 25, 1946

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