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USBN #185 July 1946 p1

Greatly welcome initial evidences of magnificent responses of Assembly to new Plan. Invoking divine assistance for vigorous, wise, sustained prosecution of manifold activities to be initiated in North America, Latin America and European continent.


Cablegram received May 9, 1946

(This message came in response to the cablegram sent to the Guardian by the National Spiritual Assembly from its meeting May 5. 1946, following the Convention, as follows: “You have disclosed to American Baha’is the glorious path of faith leading to world spread of Bahá’u'lláh’s Message and ascendency of the authority and dominion of His Divine Revelation. Awed but resolute the Assembly has pondered the four objectives of Seven Year Plan, formulated measures, established necessary agencies and adapted annual budget of $250,000 sanctified by your contribution. Invoking divine aid for purification of the souls and attainment of the spiritual worthiness requisite to success of America’s mission under mandate conferred by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá.”)

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