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USBN #196 June 1947 p6

The use of “Alláh-u-Abhá” in the East is, generally speaking, confined to a greeting. It is not said at the end of prayers and the Guardian feels that the less it is used freely in public by the Bahá’ís in the West (before strangers) the better, as it gives a very peculiar impression of us, and makes us seem like some strange Oriental sect.

As obligatory prayers require either genuflection or ablution and orienting toward Bahji, they cannot truly be said by one person for a group of people without it being in effect a form of congregational prayer, so he thinks it better to avoid it.

It is far too early to make any predictions about peace of any sort, judging by the ebullitions of the world’s affairs these days! ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, in His Tablets, connects the prophecy of Daniel (1957) with the proclamation and spread of the Cause. Other references regarding this date must be considered as hearsay.”

—To Robert L. Gulick, July 3. 1946.

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