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USBN #189 November 1946 p3

Shoghi Effendi wants to particularly emphasize the need for more pioneers and travelling teachers, most particularly in the European field. The present very unsettled state of the world, the confusion and suspicion which seems to be growing rather than dissipating, necessitates immediate action ; no postponement to future years of an increase of workers abroad can be permitted, if the goals of this second Seven Year Plan are to be successfully achieved. Indeed a time may come when the friends will look back and regret every hour of delay as a priceless opportunity irrevocably lost! Rapid as has been the work in Latin America, the work in Europe must go forward at a much more urgent pace. Although he feels the European Teaching Committee has already done wonderfully well, he urges you to appeal to the believers to arise in far greater numbers, and go abroad at once, heedless of the sacrifices involved. He himself, through his personal correspondence is constantly pressing the Baha'is to volunteer for this service, and hopes during the coming months many more people will place themselves at your disposal for this all important service.

I need not tell you all that he constantly prays for your success and guidance in the discharge of your increasingly heavy duties. He admires greatly the spirit of perseverance and dedication with which you are serving, and you may call upon him at any time for his assistance and advice.

October 5, 1946

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