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Eve Nicklin: She of the Brave Heart, Boris Handal, p109-10

Dear Bahà'i Brother:

Your letter dated Oct. 14th was received by our beloved Guardian, and he has instructed me to answer it on his behalf.

News of the wonderful success of the Buenos Aires Conference has already reached him, and he feels that it truly marks a turning point in the development of the work in South America. It also has demonstrated that the believers of Latin America are going to be able to not only elect their two national assemblies, when the time comes, but will be capable of managing the affairs of the Cause in these republics of the New World with dignity, efficiency and success.

The news you gave him of the teaching work being carried on by your Assembly in Callao gave him great satisfaction. This work is of the utmost importance, and he assures he will pray that it may be very successful, and that a flourishing Bahà'i Community may soon exist there.

Your donation to, and love for, our glorious Cause touches him deeply and he will pray that your services may be richly blessed by Bahà'u'Ilàh.

With warm Bahà'i love,

R. Rabbani

Assuring you of my deep and abiding appreciation of your meritorious and historic services to our beloved Faith, and of my fervent prayers for your successful and the speedy realization of every hope you cherish for its extension and promotion,

Your true and grateful brother,


1947-02-18 to Alberto Lobaton re Buenos Aires Conf

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