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Looking back in Wonder, Philip Hainsworth, p66-7

Dear Bahà’i Friends,

Your letter, dated 16 February, was received and read by our beloved Guardian with great joy, and he has instructed me to answer it on his behalf.

The news of your group having reached Assembly status was a source of deep satisfaction to him, and demonstrates what the friends can do, once they put their shoulder to the wheel!

You have every reason to feel proud of your achievement, and he hopes you will, through your correspondence and contacts with your fellow believers, encourage them to follow your example and forge ahead, in spite of every obstacle, with determination, confident that once we do our part, God is never failing in His.

He hopes your numbers will steadily increase and that many young people will be attracted to the Faith, as the part they have to play is very great and, also, their need of the Faith is very great.

You may be sure his loving prayers will be offered for you, and for the success of your labours, in the Holy Shrines.

May the Beloved bless your efforts in the service of our beloved Faith, and enable you to deepen your knowledge of the essentials of His World Order, to increase your numbers, to extend the scope of your activities, and to fulfil every desire you cherish for its promotion and consolidation.

Your true and grateful brother; Shoghi

1947-04-08 to community of Nottingham re successes

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