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Quoted in George Townshend, David Hoffman

He has already informed the American N.S.A. that he feels Mr Townshend’s services to the Faith can best be rendered by his writing about it, as he obviously has an outstanding ability in this direction, combined with knowledge and zeal, and can render a very valuable service this way; also he feels that Mr Townshend, now that his church association seems about to be broken, could be used as part of the pioneer force in Eire. It is his own land, he knows his own people, and the need for workers there is very particularly great this year. Naturally, if Mr and Mrs Townshend have received a personal invitation to go to America and care to accept it, they are quite free to do so.

If Mr Townshend has not as yet been registered as a voting believer he certainly should be immediately. Every one knows he has been a most devoted Bahà’í for many years and his contributions should certainly be considered those of a voting Bahà’í.

[ltr to UK NSA on behalf of Shoghi Effendi, 8 May 1947]

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