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USBN #207 May 1948 p4

" ... Regarding your question: The Devotional part of the 19 Day F east means the reading of P rayers by Baha'u'llah and the Master. If, after this, there is a period of reading the teachings, his (the Guardian's) writings may be included, but this does not form part of the devotional aspect of the meeting.

"Attendance at 19 Day Feasts is not obligatory but very important, and every believer should consider it a duty and privilege to be present on such occasions.

" If the N.S.A. should wish to publish the above in Baha'i News it may do so. He leaves such matters to the discretion of that body .

"He wishes the Baha'is to press for recognition of their right to observe their own Holy Days, and to observe them whenever possible in strict accordance with our teachings."

from a letter to Marzieh Gail dated Dec . 15, 1947)

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