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Eve Nicklin: She of the Brave Heart, Boris Handal, p137-8

He heartily approves of your going to Punta Areas to strengthen the work there, as he considers it a very important outpost of the Faith and one that must be maintained at all costs.

The news of the very successful congress held in Santiago pleased him very much. Now that more of the Latin believers are active and beginning to assume responsibilities, the work will go forward on a more permanent foundation, as pioneers from a foreign land can never take the place of native believers, who must always constitute the bedrock of any future development of the Faith in their country.

1948-01-30 to Eve Nicklin re move to Punta Areas, Chile


She was concerned about such a move given the rather primitive living conditions and cold weather; she had rheumatism, fibro-myalgia. See also 1948-12-06 to Eve Nicklin re suggested teaching methods in Punta Arenas

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