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Fire and Gold: Benefiting from Life’s Tests”, p100

as compiled by Brian Kurzius

He [Shoghi Effendi] quite understands how the friends can sometimes feel, as you put it, ‘spiritually depleted’, for the condition of the world is such today that it is like a great negative undertow trying to pull down all but the strongest and most firmly rooted. The friends should realize this and draw closer to each other, knowing that they form one spiritual family, closer to each other, in the sight of God, than those united by ties of blood.

He will pray for you, and that you may be able to draw the believers into a more conscious effort at unity, and to inspire them to see in each that which the Master would wish them to and not what their own intolerant personalities are so prone to seeing: namely faults!

[From a letter written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi, 8 May 1948]

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