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USBN #210 August 1948 p1

The recognition given your Assembly (as representative of the other National Spiritual Assemblies) by United Nations as a non-governmental body entitled to send representatives to various U. N. conferences, marks an important step forward in the struggle of our beloved Faith to receive , in the eyes of the world its just due , and be recognized as an independent World Religion. Indeed, this step should have a favorable reaction on the progress of the Cause everywhere, especially in those parts of the world where it is still persecuted, belittled; or scorned, particularly in the East.

In these days , when his mind has been so preoccupied with the grave situation in this country (Palestine) , the wonderful advancement being made by the American believers, at home and abroad, and their Canadian confreres, has sustained him, and brought him moments of pride and happiness, when his heart was weighted down with various problems and difficulties. He is indeed grateful for this active support, this love that shows itself in deeds that rise to meet and overcome every obstacle!

to the NSA dated May 18, 1948.

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