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Dear Co-worker: Messages from Shoghi Effendi to the Benelux countries , pp57-58

Charlotte Stirrat, 4 June 1948

Dear Bahà’i Sister:

Your letter of March 2nd, written on behalf of Miss Van Sombeek, and enclosing a translation of the Dutch pamphlet, has been received by our beloved Guardian, and he has instructed me to answer you on his behalf.

The excellent progress being made in Holland, the formation of the first historic assembly there, the translation work being done - all are great sources of comfort and pride to our Guardians heart. Please assure dear Miss Van Sombeek of this, as she and her sister have devoted so much care and love to the work there.

In a country of such intelligent and forward-thinking people as the Dutch the Cause should make steady headway and soon become well, and - we hope - nationally established.

He assures you all of his loving prayers, and greatly appreciates your own dedicated services.

With loving greetings, R. Rabbání

May the Beloved bless your efforts, guide and sustain you in your highly meritorious labours, remove all obstacles from your path, and enable you to extend continually the range of your valuable and historic achievements, your true and grateful brother; Shoghi

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