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George Townshend, David Hofman, p326-7

No doubt this is a great step for dear Mrs Townshend to have to make at her age. But he feels sure she too will come to rejoice in this new freedom and the constructive activity it will bring in its wake.

Postscript by Shoghi Effendi -

I am thrilled by the news of your resignation - a truly remarkable and historic step. Your past and notable services in connexion with the exposition of the essentials of the Faith to the public in the West, your bold and challenging act at present in dissociating yourself from the Church and its creed, and your subsequent resolve to pioneer in Dublin and help in establishing the administrative basis of the Bahà’i new world order in Ireland are deeds that history will record and for which future generations will feel deeply grateful and will extol and admire. May the blessings of Bahà’u’ilàh be abundantly vouchsafed to you, guide every step you take, remove all obstacles from your path, and aid you to win still greater victories for His Cause in the days to come.

[To George Townshend, on July 7, 1948, in reaction to his resignation fm the Church]

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